R.MEHR – noun. ˈärmər

Provide (someone) with emotional, social, or other defenses with the use of luxury fabrics.


Founded by Ramtin Mehrvijeh at the age of 24 in Los Angeles. R.MEHR is a unisex accessories brand that encompasses the elegance of modern tailoring and every day living. Handcrafted in Los Angeles by the finest artisans using the highest quality materials; Ramtin thrives to create a feeling of indulgence for every client who chooses to carry his or her possessions within the leather walls of R.MEHR.


Ramtin has always believed that the key to achieving iconic style every day is a closet full of quality essentials. With a minimalistic-chic aesthetic in mind, Ramtin Mehrvijeh founded R.MEHR.  The project spotlights pieces with careful tailoring, modern silhouettes, luxury fabrics, and classic hues… all of which are meant to create an effortless and sophisticated look time and time again.


During a time in which trends come and go and “fashion” is fleeting, we ask you to join us in simplifying your approach to buying a handbag.